Frankfurter Mélange at > REFOUND < exhibition / Berlin

The chiar >Frankfurter Mélange< will be shown in the exhibition
> REFOUND < in Berlin
Opening: 12.4.2012 / 19:00h

Agora Collective
Mittelweg 50, Neukölln
12053 Berlin

Curators: Raquel Chaves, Iohanna Nicenboim, Alexandra Sebag

Recontextualizing the past is a recurring path in design. In Berlin, this phenomenon in which new forms retain elements from the past is nowadays not just a visual language, but a state of mind that promotes alternative ways of appreciating objects.

With this as our main point of of inspiration, we initiated REFOUND an exhibition that features pieces from now and yore ceating dialogues between them. Stemming from the idea that each piece of furniture will at some point in time have a story to tell, we are trying to bring forth an emotional response between the pieces exhibited and the visitors. We intend to bridge with this endeavor the chronological gap between the old and the new in terms of aesthetic values, production processes and emotional connections.

REFOUND is the first exhibition PLATform, which started out as an initiative of Agora to showcase design objects in unconventional ways. This will continually, be developped through our themed showcase exhibitions. each event takes inspiration from research and reflects different manifestations happening in our society today.

We are interested in showing the different aspects of design such as materials, aesthetics and cultural background from a more personal perspective. Diverse communication tools, such as a blog, and online shop, allow us to present the people behind their objects, their inspirations and their worlds.

List of participating Designers:

Jan Bernstein, Rakso Naibaf, Tom Kühne, Judith Van den Boom, Mokkatanten, Lütz Hüning, Super Équipe, Kippis design, FriedrichsLust, Katrin Sonnleitner, Ines Königsmann, Hulger, Silvia Knüppel, a and ré design, Kraud, Adam+Harborth, Tobias Juretzek, Not a wooden Spoon, Tobias Juretzek, Daniel Juric, Annett Gebert and more