Textile Everywhere – Fabrics Under the Surface

Textil überall – Stoffe jenseits der Oberfläche
Textile, Textile Everywhere – Fabrics Under the Surface

stilwerk limited edition design gallery

11.06.2015 / 19:00

12.06.2015- 01.08.2015

stilwerk limited edition design gallery
Große Elbstraße 68, 5. OG
22676 Hamburg

Seven designers; one family of materials; seven exciting perspectives at the interface where art meets design. In the exhibition "Textiles, Textiles Everywhere – Fabrics Under the Surface", stilwerk design gallery embarks on an exploration of these materials and the multifarious possibilities that await beyond the world of conventional home textiles. The exhibition seeks to capture the moment of shock that briefly overwhelms our visual and tactile perception, opening up unfamiliar and striking opportunities in design for the materials.

Meike Harde brings out the radiance of yarns
Myra Klose scatters pompoms of superfine wool over a flea-market treasure
Silvia Knüppel creates a wool/wood hybrid
Zascho Petkow preserves antique cloth in cutting-edge materials
Roben combines steel and felt to form delicate seating
Schönstaub devises worlds of black and white at floor level
Elisa Strozyk transforms wood into textile-like structures

The exhibits evade categorization, occupying a shifting ground between functional application and artistic interpretation. They play with the qualities of their materials, defamiliarizing conventional attributes; as limited editions or one-of-a-kind pieces, they encourage a reception of design that allows mass production to be ignored.